Tracking Weightloss- Why I Did NOT Ditch the Scale

Non-Scale Victories. Weightwatchers has this really great component to their program they are marketing right now called non-scale victories #nsv. This is when you look to other successes outside of how much you weigh to validate your journey to being healthier. This could be accomplishing a fitness goal or fitting into a smaller clothing size or making a better nutritional choice. These things are super important because as I mentioned in my last weightloss post, What Fat Feels Like, you are more than the number in your pants or the number on the scale.3dd

However, this is where I could probably be called a hypocrite. Even though I am aware that the number on the scale does not define me, I love seeing that number go down. And as long as I don’t go all psycho and manic depressive if it goes up, I think tracking weight loss is important and also a key factor to my success over the summer. I weighed my self everyday, sometimes (ok most of the time) multiple times a day. But before you’re all like, that’s not healthy- hear me out.

  1. It encouraged me to eat-Weighing myself everyday didn’t make me skip meals. It didn’t make me hate myself if it was higher than the previous day. It taught me that your weight is going to be your weight regardless of if you eat that meal or not, so eat it. Don’t starve yourself because you think it’ll make the scale say some magical number that will make you love yourself more or be comfortable in your own skin. Fun fact: I found my weight was lower at 11am after eating and drinking than it was first thing after that lovely morning pee. So eat your damn food. 10793014
  2. Point number two on why I can’t ditch the scale: I like numbers. In case you didn’t notice I write everything in lists. That are numbered. Because numbers, like hips, don’t lie.  It’s not like writing where someone might not think you are funny, and they’re probably right. Numbers aren’t up for debate or anyone’s interpretation. So guess what, when I follow my own advice and stick to the weight loss plan that works for me, those numbers go down.hey-girl-i-like-the-way-you-work-those-numbers
  3. Preparation-I hate being weighed at the doctor office. I hate it because I have on like ten pounds of clothes, their scales are wrong, I can feel the judgement of the nurse(probably not), their scales are wrong, my clothes now weigh twenty pounds, and damn it their scales are wrong. When I weigh myself regularly at home, this isn’t so much of a shock at the doctor office. There have even been times when I got away with just telling them my weight rather than being forced to step on their very wrong scale.its-weigh-day-161386
  4.  Science- I didn’t know this until I started writing this post, but there are actually studies and research that shows people are more successful with weightloss and maintaining weightloss when they weigh themselves daily. I think you put less stock in the numbers on the scale when you do weigh yourself daily and there’s less of a dissatisfaction when the number is higher than the previous day, because you know it will go the other direction if you stick to the plan. When you only weigh in weekly or not at all, that number means more, and the temptation to stop weighing yourself to avoid disappointment is much greater. I’m not a doctor or a scientist, but these people are and you can read all about it here and here and here and here and other places too I’m sure.

    Not so scary when you see it everyday.
  5. Best point ever- I lost weight. You know when I don’t lose weight? You know when I GAIN weight? Coincidentally when my scale gets dusty from being unused. Everyone is different and I need the daily reminder and validation on if I’m making the right choices in my diet and fitness.

    Did I mention this is how I weigh myself?

So there it is. *raises hand* My name is Carlie and I weigh myself everyday. Do I recommend it for you? You know you better than I do. So if any of the points I listed above spoke to you, then give it a go. If it works, high five! If it doesn’t, high five for knowing yourself and recognizing it’s not working for you! You need to find what works for you.

Part of the success is tracking though. I don’t record my daily weight anywhere, but I do record a weekly weigh in for two reasons. I like to have an idea of when I can be at a certain goal, and I like to see success in working towards that goal. So I made a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are my second love. Check it out:screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-4-40-46-pm

So this spreadsheet does all the work for you! Just input your starting weight in cell B2 and C2 and all the goal weights will automatically adjust to a loss of two pounds a week. Example:screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-4-42-03-pm

Each week on weigh in day, all you need to do is input your actual weight. Let’s say it’s weigh in day and it’s a perfect world and you lost two pounds!! Woohoo! Go you! This is what your spreadsheet would look like:screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-4-45-38-pm

Pretty nifty right? I think it’s so fabulous I’d like to share it with you! How do you access this awesome spreadsheet? Simply click here, you can download your very own and start tracking your success!

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7 thoughts on “Tracking Weightloss- Why I Did NOT Ditch the Scale

  1. I am loving your posts and your honesty!!! Weigh loss is such a struggle,but know that I am following your posts, and I am right there with you 😀 Having a toddler finally in school has made it much more difficult for me to workout. It is harder than when P. was just at home. Reaching my 10K steps a day has been very difficult, but this week I was able to get up twice at 5:30am to run for 30mins!!!! Hopefully in the near future it’ll become a daily routine for me 😀 xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Comments like this definitely inspire me to keep going. In my head, I’m like, “no one cares about you losing weight. you’re just being annoying talking about it”. But then someone will come along and tell me how much they connect with what I wrote, so I’ll keep being annoying. It’s interesting that it’s more challenging for you to work out now. I’m sure people assume you’d have more flexibility with P in school. And I HATE getting up early. Anytime before 7am is death for me. So BIG kudos to you on that! I was literally jumping around my living room and stepping side to side to get my steps in yesterday. Our challenges definitely help me to keep on stepping!


  2. weight loss is the hardest. I have this obsession with the scale. I get on it a hundred times a day. It is literally a sickness. I obsess over losing weight and it will drain me mentally and physically. You are doing fantastic and I love reading your blogs. If you need any help with motivation just let me know. I went from 330 to 165 and then had my little boy. Now im back to pre pregnancy weight and working my butt off to 130

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    1. Your weightloss is seriously impressive! I remember when you first lost the weight and seeing your pictures and everything on Facebook motivated me to kick it in gear- just took me a few years to apply it. My goal right now is 180. I’m going to see how I feel then and then make another goal. And these comments are all the motivation I need to know people are actually interested and care! So if I ever stop writing about it-that’s not a good sign, it means I’m off the wagon and need someone to kick me in the ass. You can totally reach your goal! You have pageants to do girl! And that little baby is watching!


  3. I used to weigh myself daily and if the number was higher than the day before it would ruin my whole day! I really should go back to the daily weigh in, maybe it will help inspire me to put the snacks down and not eat right before bed! Thanks for the motivation!

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