5 Reasons you NEED to Take a Cruise

img_7469-2-2The Mid Atlantic was clobbered with some winter weather this weekend. I no longer live in the area, but I saw all the Facebook posts from those loving the snow days, yet simultaneously OVER the cold weather. Definitely bittersweet for me as I sit in my t-shirt and flip flops in Florida, because I’d love to have some snow in my life, buuuuuut, at the same time I’m pretty content without having to shovel it, or drive in it.

But the cold is really good for making people wish they were on a beach somewhere drinking a daiquiri or frolicking in a clear blue ocean. Which makes me reminisce on all the cruises we’ve been on. I love a cruise. I took my first one in 2011 and have been hooked ever since. In fact, I’ve been on four cruises. I’ve cruised the Eastern Caribbean, the Panama Canal, Bermuda, and the Southeast US to the Bahamas. You NEED a cruise in your life. Seriously, NEED it. Allow me to enlighten you:

  1. Crowd Pleaser– Everyone can enjoy a cruise. There is literally something for everyone. Crave adventure? There’s a port excursion for that. Or rock climbing on the boat. Or sports, or games, or water slides, or contests, or trapeze (really there’s a boat with this). Want to relax? What better way to do that than poolside, or beach side, or in the library, or to a live band. There’s shopping, bingo, crafts, entertainment, trivia, FOOD, the list goes on and on. Want to make friends? Thousands of people are trapped on a boat with you and have no where to go and no choice but to be your friend! Seriously though. The options are endless!
  2. FOOD– I heard someone say food. My favorite past time. There is a lot of food on a cruise ship. Not only is there a lot of food, but you can eat all the time. Not only can you eat a lot of food, all the time, but it’s delicious. Not only can you eat a lot of food, all the time, that tastes delicious, but you can have it in the dining room, at the buffet, or delivered to your state room. Um… yes please!
  3. Multiple locations– There are some cruises that only go to one destination for a couple days before returning, but a majority of them travel to multiple destinations before returning home. This means you get to experience multiple places, multiple countries, multiple cultures without the struggle of airports or trains or buses to get from site to site. Look at you, you world traveler, you.

  4. Less planning, more doing– I love to plan. I love lists if you haven’t noticed. So if you love planning or don’t love planning, cruising is for you. You have lots of options available to plan your days, or week, or weeks out- if you’re a planner. If you’re not a planner, just fly by the seat of your pants and show up! It’s all been planned for you! Every day you will receive a schedule of events available for the day. So chillax and enjoy your vacay!
  5. Bang for your buck– Lets talk cash. moolah. dinero. I’m cheap. Spending money gives me an ucky, anxiety inducing feeling. But this is why cruises are awesome! Because the food is included. Most entertainment on board is all included. Water, tea and lemonade is all included. The only time you will be paying out of pocket will be for shore excursions, soda, alcohol, bingo, casino or certain activities (but these are few and far between). So you can really take a luxurious vacation that fits any budget.

I feel like you’re still not sold. Let’s crunch some numbers:

So I’m from the eastern shore of Delaware. A popular vacation spot within an hour drive of my house was Ocean City, MD. Let’s see how much it would cost to spend a week vacation in Ocean City, MD:


All of these are estimates and can obviously be adjusted based on how you like to get your vacation on. This is also based off of one person. So if you’re not a solo traveler then food, and entertainment would definitely need to be increased.

Now let’s look at the cost of a cruise. I found these on for January 2017:



The prices are per person, and rooms are double occupancy, but even when you double the price and add in taxes and port fees, WORTH IT!

Yeah but Carlie, that’s for January. Ok let’s look at June.



In conclusion, cruises are awesome. You need to take one. I’ll meet you there.

I rest my case.

Have you been on a cruise? What did you think? Comment below!!!

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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons you NEED to Take a Cruise

  1. I took my first one this past year. I loved it just wish we spent more time at our destination. We went to bermuda with my husband n his boss n coworkers. We plan to take a family one with our three kids in the next coming years. I was pregnant so I couldn’t drink like everyone else I was with but I still had my frozen non alcoholic Pintail Colada.

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  2. Cruises really are awesome! Here’s my #6 reason (because I totally agree with your #1-5), I never have to worry about where we will be sleeping. The state rooms are clean and comfortable and someone makes my bed every day! Oh and I forgot to mention free roomservice 24/7!

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  3. I agree I am a huge fan of cruising. I love that there is always something going on, you are never board. And I agree the food is great, the downside is it is too easy to gain weight!

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