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A Beam of Light Through the Despair of the Last Two Weeks- 5 Stories to Put a Smile on Your Face

a-beam-of-light-through-the-despairWhat an intense couple weeks we have experienced as a nation and as a world. I recall it was the day of the inauguration and my brother called me and said he thought the world had gone insane. Not because of President Trump being elected, but because of the reaction of society. Many people who do not support the President are protesting, they are reacting on social media, they are contacting legislators and becoming greatly involved in political debates- not always in the most productive of ways, and there are even cases of violence or destructive behavior. Many President Trump supporters are reacting to this behavior and saying it’s a gross overreaction and then continuing to demean and insult non-supporters, also at times becoming violent. If our nation was not divided before, it is definitely feeling like it is now.

I find myself in the middle. Yes, I supported the Women’s March. In fact, I support all of the protests and marches that have happened since. The March for Life, the Immigration ban protests, and the upcoming March for Science. Whether or not I agree wholeheartedly with the issue, I still support the protests because that is one of our rights as Americans to be able to disagree with our government, gather peacefully, and make it known. I cannot stand behind the violence, destruction, or looting that has occurred, but fortunately none of that happened at any of the marches or protests listed above. I also cannot stand behind burning of our nation’s flag. I can see how some feel they have a right to disrespect the flag because it represents a nation they feel that has oppressed or not supported them. However, the flag also represents our military and those who defend us daily, and while I can find empathy and understanding for the anger and betrayal some of these people feel, I do not think destruction of our flag is a productive way to effect change.

My suggestion is to not just march or protest. Contact your legislators about the issues you connect with. Volunteer in your community to make improvements. Donate to organizations and causes that will effect the change you wish to see. Don’t stop at making a sign and chanting in a crowd. Your reach can extend past this singular action.

Well that went on longer than intended. I did not mean for this to be a political post. Quite the opposite, in fact. But I felt the need to explain why a non-political post was needed, and then it turned political. My apologies.

So below you will find 5 stories that will hopefully lift your spirits, bring a smile to your face and light to your eyes that has been missing. I know they helped me out tremendously, especially the dancing farmer.

So how was that? Feel any better? Even a little bit? Watch the farmer again. Dance with him. You’ll feel better, even if for 3 minutes.

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