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Netflix and ch… More Netflix: Part Deux

part-deuxI wrote my first post about my love for Netflix over two months ago, you can read it here if you miss it. I feel like this gap in time will make readers undermine my supreme love for the streaming world. Do NOT underestimate my love of netflixing. I have also decided that netflixing will be the verb used for all forms of streaming. Sorry Hulu, sorry HBO Now, you are inferior to Netflix, consider yourselves like all the facial tissue brands labeled as Kleenex.

Now I have netflixed a number of shows and movies over the last few months, but the best ones that are worth mentioning I just watched recently. But have you SEEN all the new shows and movies that have just been added to Netflix, Hulu, and HBO? There is not enough time in the day to watch everything I need to see! Especially since my peaked interest into politics has been pretty time consuming. Nevertheless, I have managed to squeeze in some great viewings.

The Great British Baking Showenhanced-16579-1419414089-8

This show is amazing for so many reasons. I don’t normally watch food shows because they make me want to eat, which I have enough of a problem with, so I typically avoid them. However, you NEED to watch this show. It is so refreshing to have a show where the contestants aren’t complete asshats who are only concerned about themselves. Like obviously, it’s a competition so they want to win, but they don’t trash talk each other or blame everyone when they don’t do well, they’re just like, “Guess I gotta try a nip harder next time..”. I didn’t realize the Brits were so Canadian. I approve. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

The White Helmetswhite-helmets-film-art


This documentary is about an organization in Syria. These rescue workers work in extremely dangerous situations after air strikes and are all volunteers! What an eye opening experience about the horrible situation in Syria. It’s only 40 minutes long, I highly recommend you watch it.

Border Security: Canada’s Front Linehqdefault


New Episodes are now available for this gem! I love watching this show because it’s crazy what some people try to bring into countries off airplanes. Guys, don’t try to bring raw meat from other countries. I’ve learned so much about what is a do and don’t when traveling across borders and through airports. And it’s like people watching from the comfort of your bed or couch or toilet. However you choose to netflix. What is especially marvelous is when you’re done with Canada, there’s also an American version, and an Australian version.

A Series of Unfortunate Eventsmaxresdefault


Have you read these books? I read them ions ago. I did not see the movie they made with Jim Carey, but I have eagerly been awaiting the Netflix series with Neil Patrick Harris. It’s been quite some time since I read the books, but after watching this series, from what I do remember, they are very true to the books. I am impressed. Correct me if you’ve read them, watched the show, and I’m wrong.

Lock Up: Women Behind Barslockup-women-behind-bars_80158110


Anyone else love a prison show? I don’t know what it is about prison documentaries, shows, and movies, but I am obsessed with prison shows. I just finished Lock Up: Women Behind Bars, and I give it two thumbs up. It’s a bit dated, it was broadcast in 2013 but some of the stories appear older than that. I don’t know if they were filmed years or decades earlier, or if it’s just because some of the prisons are from the bible belt and they still rock their mullets and racism hardcore.


Well there you have it: a few highlights from my Netflixing over the last two months. Now I must leave this writing thing to get some more shows in. There has seriously been so much new stuff released recently. How about you? Watch anything good lately?

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