Weight Loss Trials and Tribulations

This week has been tougher than last week. I took the time on Sunday to meal plan, to schedule out my days, and plan out my workouts. I had everything set up to make it a successful week. Despite this planning, I have had multiple hardships try to get in my way.

Weight Loss Trials and Tribulations pin graphic.png

  1. I have had the biggest appetite all week.
  2. And then my husband asked me to make him banana bread, so I had a couple of unplanned pieces of that. (I make pretty delicious banana bread, I’ll have to share the recipe some time)
  3. I skipped a couple of my workouts. No valid reason why, other than being lazy.
  4. I had a couple of unplanned snacks. (See #1)
  5. No #5, so just 4 self-sabotaging, flagrant attacks on my weight loss endeavors.

Now even though I have had to combat all of these challenges this week, I also took some pretty awesome steps to stay on the healthy track.

  1. On Monday I started the c25k app to track and train my running again. I love, love, love this app for multiple reasons.
    • It’s only 3x a week, so I don’t get burnt out with running.
    • It tells me when to run and when to walk during my training, so it literally takes zero thought on my part.
    • I can listen to music, or chat on the phone with my brother while still using the app
  2. On Tuesday I picked up a yoga mat and two 3lb hand weights to improve my at home workouts.
  3. Even though I skipped a few workouts, I still worked out everyday, just not all of the workouts I had planned. Currently my schedule is different activities 3x a day. I knew when I made this schedule that I wouldn’t really be able to commit to such an aggressive plan, so I don’t feel terrible about missing some of these workouts. The activities are:
    • alternating running or yoga in the morning,
    • focused muscle groups in the afternoon,
    • alternating walking/bike riding in the evening.
  4. I posted a workout/food daily on my instagram. Feel free to follow me there @cjampics or click on the link to your right/bottom of this page. These posts keep me accountable. Apparently they haven’t gotten too annoying to anyone yet either. Mostly I get comments about them being a motivation for others to workout/eat healthier too!
  5. I don’t have a #5. Letting down my namesake (listfiveblog) left and right.

What does this all mean for the scale? If you recall, I was on track to lose my 3% weight loss goal for this month. Specifically I had lost 2.4 lbs in week one. This week I am .4 lbs down from my starting weight. Let’s make this next week better.

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2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Trials and Tribulations

  1. It’s easy to get discouraged but just look at the difference in your pictures, Carlie! You look so good. You’re probably better off to lose weight slowly anyway.
    I found Halo Top at Safeway. We love it! Thanks!

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