Three Days in San Antonio, Texas

You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas!

-Davy Crockett

I can’t lie. I haven’t been the biggest fan of the Lonestar State since moving here in April 2017. My main complaint is the heat. My second complaint is how long it takes to travel ANYWHERE. Texas is a beast of a state.

Those complaints aside, I spent a wonderful weekend in San Antonio, Texas with my best friend when she visited me in May 2017. Despite the heat, I loved San Antonio! I loved the history, the sites, the food, and just the overall experience. Do you have a trip planned for San Antonio yet? Add it to your list and you must do and see everything we did! I did the hard part of researching, planning, and testing it out, so you don’t have to! You’re welcome.

Accommodations: We stayed at this fabulous Airbnb. The host was super kind and full of recommendations on where to eat and what to do while we were in town. It was also very conveniently located less than a mile from the Pearl District and more affordable than any of the hotels I researched.

Never used Airbnb? Well pal- if you use this link, you will get $40 of travel credit when you sign up. What are friends for?

Transportation: We parked our vehicle at the Airbnb and used Uber to travel downtown and then walked to many of our destinations from there. Some of our other excursions that were not located downtown, we drove to easily in my car from the Airbnb.


  • Day 1-
    • Arrive and check in at your hotel or Airbnb.
    • Find your way to the Pearl Brewery for amazing food, views, and shopping. You have to sample a flight of beer at Southerleigh, and indulge in macaroons from Lorraine’s Bakery. 10 out of 10 friends would recommend it.
    • Next, travel downtown for the Riverwalk. Take a riverboat tour and enjoy hearing about the history of the Riverwalk and recommendations on places to go while you’re in the area. IMG_0172
    • If you are there on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. You CANNOT leave until you have experienced the light show outside San Fernando De Bexar Cathedral. It’s completely free and worth sticking around until 9pm, 9:30pm, or 10pm. fullsizeoutput_ac9
    • We intended on going to Cowboys Dancehall San Antonio after the light show, but I’m an old lady at heart and was ready for bed instead. However, this place has great reviews on TripAdvisor. They offer dance lessons, live music, and tasty drinks if you’re not quite tuckered out yet. me
  • Day 2-
    • Head on back downtown for what you really cannot leave San Antonio before seeing. The Alamo. Do I even need to explain? It just has to be done. To be honest, I was underwhelmed because I expected it to be a lot larger. Which apparently is the case for many. But the amount of history and significance of the destination continues to make it a must-see. fullsizeoutput_ace
    • If you’re in the market for souvenirs then you should definitely make your way to the San Antonio Market Square. There are tons and tons of little shops and stands for you to acquire everything and anything you need and don’t need all at the same time. I saw some pretty large margaritas and there was also live music and performers in the center of the Market Square. IMG_0286
    • Despite The Alamo not being what I anticipated, the San Antonio Missions exceeded all expectations. They make up for in size what they lack in popularity. I had never heard of the Missions before researching things to do on this trip, so they were a pleasant surprise.
    • If you still have time, you could also go to the San Antonio Zoo, Japanese Tea Gardens, maybe even the Old Time Wooden Nickel Company.
  • Day 3-
    • I really wanted to experience something unique and a little weird on this trip. And I definitely succeeded. The Toilet Seat Museum. It’s exactly what you think it is. Hundreds of toilet seats decorated and on display. A very kind, elderly gentleman has been honing his toilet seat decorating craft for decades. He has been on numerous television shows and even honored by the mayor of San Antonio for the museum he runs in a small building located next to his home. Be sure to stop, sign his guest book, and sign the toilet seat for whichever state you hail from. IMG_0304
    • On our way to another excursion, we decided to make a pitstop for a unique photo opportunity. The Largest Boots in Texas. They’re on display outside a mall. I won’t lie. You can skip this. It wasn’t that impressive. IMG_0289
    • Have you ever been down into a cavern? Well a short drive outside of San Antonio you will find Natural Bridge Caverns and Wildlife Ranch. If you’ve never been in a cave, you really must. And if you’ve never driven next to elephants, giraffes, ostrich, and various other wildlife, you really, really must.

San Antonio helped me change my negative Nancy outlook on Texas. Texas was no longer the never ending stretch of hellish heat I was stuck in. Instead, it became an opportunity for adventure I got to conquer- one mile (going 75 mph) at a time. I DO love the speed limit here.

Have you ever been to San Antonio? What did you think and what did you do?

Never been? When will you be coming? I’ll meet you there!

San Antonio pinterest graphic.png

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3 thoughts on “Three Days in San Antonio, Texas

  1. I have been to San Antonio once a LONG time ago. My brother had just moved to Austin, TX (he still lives there) and we made the trip down. But we arrived late and didn’t end up doing much. In all the times I’ve visited my brother since we’ve never made it to San Antonio, but maybe next time I will insist that we make the trip down. Sounds super fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really enjoyed San Antonio! We evacuated to Austin when Hurricane Harvey was hitting us. I didn’t get to do much while we were there, but I liked what we did do, and I want to go back soon!


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