Texas Car Camping Part 3

I’ve fallen in love… and not with my husband.

I have found a new love in car camping and hiking. The simplicity of the experience and freedom it allows me is everything I didn’t know I was missing.

I told you how I prepared for my trip in my post Solo Car Camping. I told you about the first night in my post Texas Car Camping and my second day in my post Texas Car Camping Part Two. Now I’ll detail my third and final day of my weekend away.

As the sun began to rise Saturday morning I was feeling all sorts of things.

  1. I felt a stiffness in my shoulder that I wasn’t sure if it came from sleeping on it wrong or if it was from climbing in and out of the cave the previous day.
  2. I felt the four blisters on my right foot and the one on my left from hiking 13 miles in new shoes.
  3. I felt excited to move on to Enchanted Rock State Nature Area where I would hike to the summit of a massive pink granite dome.
  4. I felt a little gross and dirty from not showering for a few days. Thank goodness for dry shampoo and baby wipes.
  5. I felt disappointed this would be my last day of my adventure and I would have to return to work on Monday.

All of these feelings energized me for the day ahead. I hit the road by 7:45am to drive the 1.25 hours to my destination. I arrived 30 minutes after their opening time of 8:30 to this sight: About 50 cars lined up on the side of the road trying to enter the park. I underestimated the number of people who would be interested in hiking and this fantastic natural location so early in the morning. Watching every car briefly stop to talk to the park rangers lined up at the entrance only to either continue on down the road or u-turn and head in the opposite direction, I finally got to the front of the line. They already reached their max capacity for the morning, but I was offered a voucher that guaranteed admittance at 1pm when they reopened.

With a little over 3 hours to kill, I fortunately had many options to occupy my time before I would be able to return to the park. I decided to travel the 17 miles to Fredericksburg, TX. What a fantastic town! This destination is known for its German immigrant culture mixed with Texas pride. There are tons of shops, restaurants, wineries and entertainment to keep you occupied for days! The town was bursting with activity and tourists participating in egg hunts, shopping and sight seeing since it was Easter weekend.

I’m not really much for large crowds or spending money so I did some quick research and found a nearby wildflower farm that was free to visit. Sign me up! Wildseed Farms was perfect! You can’t help but admire all the Texas Bluebonnets lining the roads as you travel through Texas, and to have a location with acres of them growing in on place was absolutely gorgeous. They have a shop, winery, an event venue, cafe, and of course the fields. If you’re in the area, you really need to make it a priority to stop.

As the time drew closer to 1pm, it was time to head back to Enchanted Rock.

It was worth the wait.

My intentions were to hike to the top of the dome and then complete a loop around the base of the mountain as well. You can see the trail map here. The climb to the top was tough, but doable. My shoes gripped the granite easily and even a simple tennis shoe would probably do the trick. The views were breathtaking. Nature truly is amazing.

My feet and blisters were not happy though. I laid down and smiled through the pain.

After basking in the sun at the top, I finally decided to make my descent, skipping the longer hike I had planned and headed home.

I don’t think I could have had a better time on this trip. Everything exceeded my expectations. I know there were a few people concerned for my safety, but not once did I feel unsafe. Cold? Yes. But never, unsafe. I really need to get that sleeping bag for next time.


The Weighting Game

Pun intended. The weighting game-2

My second blog post was titled, How to Lose Weight. I recall being so proud of writing this post. I was told how brave I was for being so honest about my struggles with my weight throughout my life. I remember feeling almost smug at how I had it all figured out. I had dropped a pretty decent number of pounds and I was down to the lowest weight I had been in many years. I was pretty pleased with my progress.

Looking fly-y-y-y


Fast forward 3 months. Well ten pounds crept back on, but no big deal. I knew I had the combination figured out on how to easily lose it again. I’d get right on that once we were settled into our new move to Florida.

Not that noticeable, but ten-ish lbs heavier.


Fast forward 4 months. Well another ten pounds crept on, kinda starting to feel like a big deal, but all I needed to do was get back into my routine, follow the steps that made me successful before and I could drop the weight in no time. I’d get right on that once we were settled into our new move to Texas.

Black dress, hand on the hip does wonders to hide that I’m 20ish lbs heavier.

Fast forward 8 months. Sonofabitch. I’ve gained 30 pounds total since that super awesome, lowest weight ever circa summer ’16. It’s officially a big deal. Unfortunately, my half-assed attempts at working out a week here or there, and tracking my diet/nutrition on my ghetto-ass, generic, weightwatchers app isn’t cutting it.

In case you didn’t know, the leaning pose is slimming. But alas, it doesn’t deceive the scale and I have some weight to lose.

While I fear of sounding like a broken record, shit just got real (I’ve said this before, and yet I continued to gain). Buuuuuuuuuuut, for real this time. Being more active and making good food choices are now my job. What does this look like for me? Allow me to break it down…. in a list!

  1. Weight watchers: my bootleg app isn’t going to cut it. I joined weight watchers again. I’ve peeked the new freestyle format, and I think I’m in looooooove! Even more than I was with the Smartpoints. Eggs are zero points. I could, for real, eat eggs for every meal.
  2. Water: Goal- 120 ounces a day. I’m going to be peeing so much, my coworkers will probably think I have an UTI.
  3. Morning Exercise: I’ve become a bit obsessed with Tone It Up. Each day there are daily moves to complete and I’ll throw in whatever videos pique my interest on their youtube channel. Katrina’s booty is serious booty goals.
  4. Evening Exercise: That’s right. I have two workouts scheduled. Why? Because instead of coming home from work and sitting on my NOT-Katrina-esque booty, why not do something more productive? So I’ll be going for a walk or jog/walk around my neighborhood. C25k is my app of choice.
  5. Rest Days/Cheat meals:
    • As far as rest days are concerned, I was given some great advice from a friend who doesn’t plan rest days. Instead she listens to her body, and if she’s exhausted, too sore or sick one day, she rests. Otherwise she rallies, gets her shit together and worksout. I like that idea. Maybe Wednesday is going to be a shit day and I’ll need to hold off on busting my rump to finish the Tone it Up Daily Moves. Or maybe I’ll have the energy and mindset to kick my own ass and take names everyday.
    • Cheat meals are my cryptonite. It never fails, if I even overindulge on one stinking meal, I can pretty much gurantee I won’t lose any weight that week. So I need to really be strategic with my nutrition and recognize that “cheat” meals are only cheating me and my health. If only brownies and pasta didn’t taste so good. I’ll figure it out. strategies for weightloss.png

I have my plan. I have my spreadsheets written out. And I look forward to dropping these pounds so I can post a super bitching before and after comparison again.

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Weight loss. The Struggle is Real.

weightloss-the-struggle-is-realGuess who has two thumbs and fell off the wagon this week????….. This guy!! img_0922

Just kidding….she doesn’t have thumbs…. and it was me…


I think it all started a couple weeks ago when we went to New Orleans. Beignets are a gateway drug ya’ll. Steer clear…. no, don’t steer clear, they’re amazing. All the cool kids are doing it.

Anyways, so New Orleans was like my teaser, I came home and got back into the groove of things for the most part but I made some pretty big errors too. I didn’t track my food, and I skipped a few workouts. Damn it Carlie! I should know better by now. Alas, here I am, and my daily weigh ins are definitely indicating I will have a weight gain this week. Especially since my mother in law has been here all week, and when people come to visit on vacation, they want to eat like they’re on vacation, which makes sense, because they’re on vacation! But damn it, I’m not on vacation and I have a very delicate balance I need to maintain when trying to lose weight!

So here I am, thinking about what the five ways I went wrong this week:

  1. Plan– I did not make a plan for the week. Normally I have a schedule for every meal and snack and I failed to do this. I am a planner and failing to plan definitely led to a plan for failure. womp womp womp. plan-ahead
  2. Restaurants, Diners, and Dives. Oh my!– I should’ve mapped out what meals would be eaten out. This would have allowed me to make more conservative choices at home in preparation for eating out, or I could have researched the menus to make better choices in advance of arriving to the restaurant. Alas, I let my eyes roam the menu which lead to one too many portions of mac and cheese and other heavy carb and fat-filled items.16403235_1219686821446509_4454195779467240004_o
  3. Workouts– I was on a very good schedule with my workouts. Monday, Wednesday, Friday I do dance fitness and strength training at home. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday I jog and swim laps. This week not so much. I have really slacked off and only did each workout one time. blah.fullsizeoutput_8c4
  4. Ice cream– So much ice cream. We may have had ice cream twice a day somedays. We would get it from various ice cream shops while out and about and then I had Halo Top at home as well. Lord, what is wrong with me. c5fde1fd981c875dd58d9196bf9b0ca1
  5. Connect– I blame my brother. Typically I talk on the phone to my brother a couple times a week. And we talk about how we’re doing with our weight loss goals. The last couple weeks, I’ve been busy when he called or he’s been busy at work and hasn’t had a chance to discuss. So it’s been too easy to ignore the fact that the above 4 items occurred. This is your fault Joshua. I hope you’re happy.548311

In all seriousness though, I don’t really blame my brother. I slacked off this week. I’m to blame. BUT…. I’m human and I’m in this for the long haul, so I will suck it up, put the ice cream away and get back to the plan. I know you all have my back, and it keeps me motivated when someone tells me how I have motivated them! Never in a million years would I think I could do that for someone else. So I shall get back to work immediately! I have some hot points to earn.

Update on my current weightloss:

Week 6: I gained 2.6 lbs, bringing the total since Jan.3 up to 7.2 lbs lost, and from my heaviest weight ever 44 lbs. According to my weightloss spreadsheet I’m behind schedule from where I could be. Disappointing and motivating at the same time to quit dicking around.

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How to Get Motivated to Exercise When you HATE Working Out

courtesy-of-11I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I hate running. I’ve never been a runner. I failed gym class in middle school. I’m not proud of it, and it had more to do with the fact that I never changed my clothes, which for some reason is how you’re graded in physical education. Doesn’t really make sense, but since I haven’t taken a physical education class in over 12 years, I think it’s time I let it go. Moving on, like I was saying, I hate running. For years my husband has been trying to get me to go for runs and I’ve always refused. I’ve intermittently done zumba classes and pretended like I knew what I was doing on the strength training machines at the gym, but I’ve never truly had an exercise regimen. So when the husband left for OCS I already had plans in my head to dedicate the next 12 weeks to improving my health with diet and exercise. I wanted to finally get rid of the 50 lbs I gained since we got married and then some, not all in 12 weeks – that’s crazy- but as much as I could. I also wanted to be able to run 1.5 miles without stopping. Historically at OCS graduation family members could participate in the candidates final grad run and I wanted to be able to surprise my husband with being able to do it.

So the day after my husband left for what was supposed to be 12 weeks, but ended up being 15 weeks (yay for 3 more weeks of being able to lose weight!), I got my butt out of bed, put on some tennis shoes, and went for a run. Now let’s be forgiving for a second and broadly and loosely widen the definition of the word run. I do more of a hop walk, or a skip walk, maybe it’s considered a jog, I don’t know. I don’t think I fit the traditional sense of the run, but I wasn’t walking… the entire time, so for all intents and purposes my exercise will be defined as a run. Thank you for your leniency. I didn’t stop at just running, I also swam laps, started weight lifting, kept taking various barre classes and my favorite: zumba. I did not do it all in one day. I gradually worked up to the full out exercise regimen, but once I got motivated, it was fairly simple and easy to keep it up. So let’s break it down:

  1. Baby steps– If you are typically very sedentary with your amount of activity, I do not think it would be logical for you to jump into a crazy exercise regimen. The likelihood of long-term success is not high. So start small and work your way up to where you want to be. Walk for 30 minutes a day to start. Once that’s not a challenge, incorporate some interval training of jogging. This means you’ll jog for a set amount of time and then walk, and then jog again, and then walk. I did this using the c25k app. More on c25k later. I think it deserves it’s own number. Strength training- you don’t need to join a gym to do strength training, I mean, do it if you can and want to, but if not you can do it at home too. And the key to success is gradually increasing your workouts. The best strength training workouts I do at home are squats, push ups and leg lifts. Just those three exercises. I’ll do 10 of each to make a set. Do as many sets as you’re capable of. Can you only do one set? That’s fine to start. Next week do two sets. You’d be surprised at how quickly your stamina and strength will increase. So you’re doing your cardio with walking and your strength training, go ahead and add in swimming if/when you can. I love swimming and I’ve gotten a lot better with practice. When I first started, I would be exhausted after swimming 25 yards. That was only one way in the pool. I was too tired to swim back to complete the lap. But I kept at it, and now I can swim a mile, which is 36 laps in the pool I go to, not too shabby for someone who is
  2. Workout Apps– I use various apps to keep me motivated and consistent with my exercise:
    1. Running: 
      1. Back to c25k, c25k stands for couch to 5k. So the gist is it trains you from literally no exercise to being able to run nonstop for 30 minutes, in theory this would allow you to be able to complete a 5k, unless you’re slow as shit like me and it takes you much longer than that to cover the distance-welcome to the turtle club. I like c25k though because it’s a free app, it’s only 3 times a week, it prompts you when to run, or when to walk, and it really works. I never ran a mile in my life prior to starting c25k and this morning I ran 3.27 miles. Again, we loosely use the term run here.turtles-in-peanut-butter
      2. I also use the app mapmyrun when going for runs because it tracks my pace and distance which the c25k does not. Could be an area of improvement for them in the future. It’s also super fun to make inappropriate shapes of male genitalia on the map.courtesy-of-10
    2. Strength Training: Stronglifts. I use this for weightlifting. I love strong lifts because it’s only 5 exercises: squats, bench press, overhead lift, rows, and deadlifts. Unfortunately, you either need a weight bench or a gym to complete these. I like strong lifts because it keeps track of the weight you lift and gradually increases it so you can improve. You don’t have to start using the bar either. I started my squats at body weight and used dumbbells or the weight plates to gradually work myself up to being able to handle the weight of the bar.5d86cdc270a92afe28da6ce725e112f5
    3. Fitbit: Yes I’m one of THOSE people. I wear a fitbit. I do not however talk about needing to get my steps in, or brag about how many steps I have for the day. Don’t be that guy, no one likes that guy. But my fitbit does make me aware of how active I’m being for the day, and it’s fun when it buzzes because I’ve hit my step goal, and I’m super pumped about the new one I got for my birthday because it’s water resistant and I can wear it in the pool. There are also challenges you can do with friends through fitbit to keep you motivated. You can set up daily, weekly or weekend contests. Whoever has the most steps for the challenge wins the virtual trophy! I may or may not have spent an evening jumping around and pacing my bedroom to get more steps in than a friend. We’re all competitive on the inside. Just don’t be a dick when you win. 85a20e5aa4a643d0ac292218ea139727
  3. Workout Buddy: Having someone to check in with, and is also working on their own goals is a stellar way to stay motivated. And if you’re thinking you don’t have any friends who can be your workout buddy you’re wrong. A work out buddy doesn’t have to be someone you physically workout with, or a personal trainer. Let’s chat about the options:
    1. In Person– So if you’re lucky enough to have someone you can workout with that’s awesome. It’s hard to find flexibility in our different schedules to workout at the same time. But it you do! yay! Knowing you have someone to workout with can make it a little less lonely, a bit more of a social experience, and you’re probably going to be more likely to show up because you know there’s someone waiting for you.gym-buddy
    2. Virtual– You can also connect with someone virtually, either someone you know personally or even a stranger through social media. There are tons of weightloss groups with people looking for accountability partners. So keep each other motivated through sharing your workouts, checking in with each other to make sure the other worked out and offering support or a swift kick in the ass (virtually) when it’s needed.57999939
  4. Diversify– A common misconception about weightloss is that you need to do cardio to lose weight. Or if you do any strength training, it’ll cause you to gain weight. These are myths. Yes strength training will cause you to build muscle. Yes muscle weighs more than fat. But muscle also burns more calories than fat, and it burns calories when you are at rest, not only when you are working out. So don’t be afraid to incorporate strength training into your regimen. It’ll help to keep you from getting bored, as many do when strictly doing cardio, which may lead to you giving up. We’re talking about getting and staying motivated after all. If you can add in swimming, I highly recommend doing so. Swimming is an awesome full body, low impact workout that will wear you out and you don’t even realize it. why-not-both
  5. Consistency– So getting started is super tough. Once you’ve done it though, it’s very important to stay consistent. This makes staying motivated so much easier. The key to my success is… can you guess?… making a schedule. Schedules are like lists, they make the world go ’round. I kid, but it’s true! For years I’ve tried the route of just saying I want to work out 3 times a week or 5 times a week, without a real plan on making it happen. And you know what happened? I didn’t work out, or if I did it didn’t last for long. To be successful for months at a time I write down the day, time, and what workout I’ll be doing, and that’s how shit gets done. Want a handy schedule you can download to help you get motivated? Alright… you can download mine here. It looks like this:fullsizeoutput_842

Getting started is the hardest part. I get it. My alarm goes off in the morning and I badly want to just stay in bed a bit longer. I don’t have any advice on how to get the motivation to get started other than make a plan and stick to it. Get your ass moving. When you feel too tired to exercise, that’s when you really need to do it. I’ve found I always have more energy after a workout than I did before. So what are you waiting for? A one hour workout is only 4% of your day. Don’t have a hour? Make time. Wake up earlier, stay awake later, workout while you watch Netflix. Move that caboose! You’ll be so glad you did even after a short amount of time. Trust me. I did it and you can too!

Update on my current weightloss:

Week 3: I lost 1.4 lbs, bringing the total since Jan.3 to 8.4 lbs lost, and from my heaviest weight ever 45.2 lbs. Last week we went out to eat dinner and I allowed myself two margaritas and macaroni and cheese (my kryptonite). The next day we attended a BBQ and I was able to really keep myself in check by loading up on fruit and a hotdog without the bun. I’m super proud of myself for that! The rest of the week diet wise was on point, and I followed my above workout schedule perfectly! I know I’m building muscle right now, so it’s going to be minor losses to start, but I embrace my membership of the turtle club. Slow and steady wins the race!

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