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Netflix and ch… more Netlix

I hate when someone asks me what I like to do for fun. For some reason it’s just not impressive to brag about the art of Netflixing- that’s right, I’m making it a verb and an art. It’s not impressive because people imagine you laying in bed or sitting on the couch for hours and hours binge watching TV shows and movies. Which is how it looks sometimes, but that’s not the only way I take my Netflix. I also stream it on my phone so I can watch it while I do the dishes, clean the house, work on spreadsheets and respond to emails (you know the stuff that pays the bills), go to the bathroom, work out, etc… I streamed Netflix while mowing the grass before. Netflixing does not always mean you’re lazy damn it! We must erase the stigma! Solidarity!

Moving on. Who doesn’t have Netflix these days? I ditched the land of cable about 7 years ago and have been solely streaming ever since. Raise your hand if you recall when Netflix was more about getting the DVDs mailed to you and the streaming selection was horrendous? I think it was about the same time that Blockbuster’s were suffering their swift death. blu7sc

They put in a good fight though. No shame in the game Blockbuster, no shame in the game.

Well I think I do a significant amount of Netflixing, and as a self-proclaimed connoisseur, I’d like to share some of the highs and lows of what I’ve watched recently because sometimes when you’re an avid Netflixer like myself, you start to run low on new material. Well, when that happens, I like to take a gander at what others are watching via the Trending Now feed. Sometimes they’re a hit, and sometimes they miss the mark by miles. Let’s take a look:

  1. unknown-3Chelsea Peretti: One of the Greats- I love stand-up comedy. Some people aren’t into it at all, and I don’t understand. I’m not a fan of the comics who make fun of the people in their audience so much-there are comics who do it right (Russell Peters is a good one) but not all comics do that in their act. But that’s neither here or nor there. Chelsea Peretti’s stand up is a good one in my book. Some of her bits were a little off, they do this thing with staged audience responses that gets a little weird, but otherwise 9 out of 10 friends would recommend. 
  2. unknown-4The Office: The Office is on a streaming loop in my house. I’ve seen the show beginning to end a million times. It’s ole faithful that never gets old. 
  3. unknown-5White Christmas: I had never seen White Christmas before, so on Christmas Eve, whilst cooking our Ultra Feast (heyyyy office reference for the win!) I threw White Christmas up on the laptop. I really enjoyed it! It’s an oldie but a goodie in my book. And it reminded me of my sister (miss you hooker). 
  4. unknown-6Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things: Amazing documentary! It’s not about getting rid of everything. It’s just about being mindful on the things you do need. I suggest you watch this. Seriously. 
  5. unknown-7Fuller House: Season 2: I loved Full House as a child. When they did the remake Fuller House I was super pumped and thought the style of the 90s sitcom was so refreshing compared to a lot of shows that are on the air these days. If you’ve watched it, you know what I mean. So I was a little disappointed with Season 2. The storyline didn’t quite grab me as much and I got pretty bored. With the exception of episode 10. If nothing else, watch episode 10. You’re Welcome. 

Oh Netflix. Should I ever tire of your selection, there’s always Hulu and HBO Go to fill the void. Anyone else watch any of these? Any recommendations for what to do next?

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